Assign emails within your team

Right now it's not possible to assign emails to your team members. We often write an email that we have to send to a colleague within the same team. Confidential documents, for example. It would be great if, beneath te send button, there would be a possibility to assign the email straight to a colleague. 

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  • If I'm correct, this idea is based upon outbound emails? You would like to share a concept email with a colleague before sending it to a customer? 

    • Tamara Berner Not neccesarily a concept. Now it's not possible to send an email to someone within your team, whether it's outbound or inbound is not the issue. Confidential documents (performance appraisal documents for example) are inbound emails, and not a concept.

      But we also introduce temporary workers to clients. The consultant that had the interview with the temporary worker is not neccesarily the consultant that is the contact person of the client. Which means one consultant has to send the other consultant an email (within the team) introducing the temporary worker. The other consultant has to forward that email to the client. You can call this a concept email, but can be a regular email just as easily.

      The most important thing is that sending emails within the team to 'Toegewezen aan mij' becomes possible. 

    • Iris Lommerde In that case, I am not sure I understand your question, because we do offer the ability to directly assign to one single person (see image). 

      Another option can be is to create personal teams & personal email channels within Trengo, so you can send someone a personal email (for example, you can connect to Trengo and create a personal team, so you are the only person that can see these emails.

    •  Tamara Berner Yes, assigning emails is possible when they are already in the inbox. Writing a new email or message can just be sent to an emailadress, not to a user within your team. 

      Making separate emailadresses and teams for every person in the organisation kind of takes away the purpose of Trengo and working in teams. So I don't think that is a good option. 

      Everything would be solved if the option: Verstuur en wijs toe aan (team member) would be possible. 

    • Iris Lommerde Ah, I think I get the point. You would like to assign an email directly after it is sent (like the send & close option). 

      This feature doesn't exist, but after the email has been send, you still have the ability to assign it to someone else. 

    • Tamara Berner That's correct! We send a lot of emails to each other, exchanging between teams and these will be assigned to a single person afterwards. It would be great if this can be done at once! 

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  • Hi Iris, 

    Coming back to this post, I think the internal (team) chat might be a great solution to this. It helps you to communicate internally, without the need of sending an email. Would you agree with me on this one? 

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