Add custom fields to New conversation popup

Our agents would really like the option to have the custom fields (ticketvelden) available when creating a new conversation.

See attachment for a quick design.
This panel could be triggered from a new button left of the quick reply selection button.

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  • Henk Tompot Thank you for your feedback and the example. This definitely sounds interesting! Is there a specific reason/use case why it would need to be filled in before the ticket is created, opposed to filling the ticket fields once it has already been sent?

    • Daniela Backman

      I have checked with our agents, they provide the following reasons:
      - After closing the popup; they forget to fill in the custom fields
      - After closing the popup; you have to search for the ticket to fill in the custom fields, this costs more time.

    • Henk Tompot Thank you for this additional information. Even though I do see the value this would bring in making sure agents don't forget to add the custom field, I don't think this feature request can get much priority, just because you can already add it right after the ticket is created, and the created ticket can always be found easily in the agents assigned to me folder. 

      We will of course monitor and see if others would also find value in this feature, and prioritise accordingly! 

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