Value of 'Location Finder' saved in Custom Field


I've already discussed this with Malik from support. We want to use the 'Location Finder' in our WhatsApp and WebChat Flowbot. On it's own it is doing excactly what we want it to do and based on our selection we can run it down to one of our locations.

But what we would also like to do is save the location coming out of  the 'Location Finder' as or in an Custom Field (preferably as Ticket Field). So we can use that same value setting up the 'Rules'.

We are now using 'User Input' set to 'List which is limited to 13 options, forcing us to add extra steps to the Flowbots.

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  • Tjerk Voortman thank you for the input!

  • Hi Tjerk, 

    Thanks again for sharing! This is already a possibility. 

    In order to achieve this, you would need to create a custom field of the type "text", which has the following title: 

    [name of the Flowbot] Location, In example "My flow Location". This field will then automatically be detected by the Location finder to show the chosen location in. 

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