Automatically close tickets

Would it possible to have a ticket automatically closed after a certain time (which you can set yourself)?

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  • Hi Danielle, thanks for asking! 

    There are several ways to enable this. 

    1. For when a chat cannot be answered in time, you have the auto close feature in the widget: in the last topoic.
    2. Auto closing when a customer doesn't reply for some while. You could use rules for that. 
      Suggestion would be to have this with When "outbound message" and next the condition "elapsed time is". You can off course use other conditions as well to determine when a ticket should be auto closed. 
    • Tamara Berner 

      Hi Tamara,

      Is it also possible to use rules to close Voice tickets? At this moment i can only use rules on the whatsapp or chat channels.



      greetings Danny

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      • Charlotte Beenen
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      • charlotte_trengo
      • 1 yr ago
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      Danny Verploegen At this moment rules are not yet possible on voice tickets! But it is a good wish! I will keep you posted if we are going to implement this! 

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    • Tamara Berner I'm very interested in this ticket too. 
      I'm seeing that coworkers are getting flooded by voice tickets(just because we get many calls). And this results in having many open voice tickets that will cloud the view of other (channel) tickets. 

      Hopefully it is on your roadmap, because it looks like a silly feature to close all voice tickets by hand. I'm seeing coworkers with over a hundred open tickets. 

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