Move Trengo interface's network connectivity to single browser tab so having multiple tabs won't equal to a higher server load for Trengo

Trengo prevents keeping the interface open in multiple browser tabs; I suppose this is because otherwise each tab will connect to the Trengo backend, leading to higher server costs for Trengo themselves.

My recommendation is to move all common connectivity that is needed in each tab (latest tickets, chats) into a single tab and signal those updates in-browser to the other tabs. This way, having multiple tabs open does not lead to a higher server load on trengo's side.

If there's other server side polling/listeners active on certain views such as a tab that has a ticket open (in case it fetches the ticket in question multiple continuously) this process can be paused as long as that specific tab is idle. Those updates need only be done on visible tabs.

So my idea is to bundle the requests into a single process, be it continuous polling or a web socket, be it 1 tab or a separate web worker.  

This will solve a lot of your user's frustrations.

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