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We need more options for the voice channel. 

For example, last week we were closed for the afternoon for training. We wanted a message that said 'Due to training we cannot answer the phone right now. Please e-mail us on'. After that we directly want users to go to the voicemail or we want to disconnect the line.

Something as simple as this is not possible right now. In the end we had to change the welcome message to the above, then change the queue time to 2 seconds. But this resulted in the following flow:

  1. Someone calls, our welcome greeting plays with something like mentioned above
  2. Then the queue starts for 2 seconds
  3. Then the greeting for no agents available starts playing. Which we cannot change..  

This is very weird for the people trying to call us. 

So basically we need 2 options:

  1. Option to redirect users directly to voicemail OR close the call after the welcome greeting
  2. Option to change the system greetings such as the 'No agents available' greeting
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  • Hi Marcel, 

    All of the requests over here are already possible. 

    To trigger the "no agents available" feature, it is important that every employee has set their call status to "offline"., if that is the case, Trengo Voice will immediately switch to the "No agents available" greeting. 

    Another option is to adjust your opening hours and adjust the "outside business hours greeting" for this situation. 

    Every setup greeting in Trengo can be adjusted. 

    Sometimes it is required to switch the Call forwarding feature on and off. This is something we are currently researching to fix. 

      • Marcel
      • Marcel
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Tamara Berner Hi Tamara, but where can I change the 'No agents available' message to a custom message?

      • Marcel
      • Marcel
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Tamara Berner in our case, we want a custom voice message and then end the connection. Can you explain step by step how to do this, because I couldn't find how to change the system messages for no agents available. 

      • Charlotte Beenen
      • Product Support Specialist
      • charlotte_trengo
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Question answered via email. 

      The greetings for "No agents available"  and "Outside Business hours" are shown within the Voice settings after the feature "Call forwarding" is switched on / off. 

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