Chat Trigger Page

In order to see which page on the website was responisble for accessing the chat we could get an overview on where we possibly need to optimize our content. 


Also for testing reasons and other statistics it could be beneficial. 


It looks a bit like this but more easy to build I guess :)

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  • Sounds like a great feature! Thank you for submitting. 馃檪

  • Hi Mark,

    We are almost releasing our major Greeting updates to Trengo. The Greetings update contains things to track how many each "greeting/speechbubble" showed up, has been clicked, and if the visitor started a chat. We are also releasing our new website-widget V3. In this version we will display the URL of the specific page in the Chat, when a visitor has send a message (now we only display the live online URL).

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    • Hi Patrick Meutzner , do you have an idea on when this new website widget would be released? (Looking forward to it)

    • Wouter Luyten Hi Wouter, we are currently finetuning this Widget and it will be released on a short term! As soon as it's live we'll let you know within our newsletter. 

  • The Greeting and widget update has been released. Within a chat conversation it is now possible to see which message is send on which page. Besides, the creating greetings now provide their results: how often are they send, how often has this lead into a person starting a conversations, etc. 

    You can create these greetings here

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