Tagging colleagues from other teams/channels

Very often we need to communicate with other departments about certain tickets. Now it's not possible to tag colleagues from another department because they don't have acces to your specific team and channel. It would be great if you can tag every colleague you want in tickets, even when they are not a member of that certain team or channel. This way you can communicatie quicker and work together more effectively and efficiently with other departments.

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  • Senna van Galen thank you for letting us know about your wish for Trengo. At this moment it is not possible to tag other persons that has no access to the specific message. If we develop this feature, some cases could be really tricky. For example: you tag a wrong person that has no access to the message (and did not see that you have tagged the wrong person), the person has directly access to the restricted conversation without notice.

    Instead: I advice you to assign the conversation to somebody from another team or the whole team, even when they has no access to this conversation. When you do that, the conversation appears in their inbox (offcourse you can add some notes to it when assigning).

  • I'm having the same problem as Senna has. Being able to tag someone who's not in your team would be a desired feature. If you forward or assign the whole conversation to that person, future responses are not visible for the rest of the team. Furthermore, the fear of tagging a wrong person; this can also happen when assigning of forwarding the message. It would be a great addition to Trengo's features in my opinion. 

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    • Giovanni van Baal Thanks for the add-on Giovanni! 

      We keep tracking this topic to see how other organizations feel about this. As soon as there is an update, we will keep you posted! 

  • We are currently researching the feature to tag people from teams that do not have acces to tickets. If there is any news on scheduling this feature, I'll keep you up to date! 

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