E-mails that failed to deliver: no option to resend, no notifcation of failure, not always re-openend

Please improve the way you handle failed e-mails. E-mailing is the core of Trengo, and has a huge flaw. Tonight, the service was down and we were not able to send mails from Trengo. 

  • Sometimes a ticket is re-opened. This is good, however, it does not state why it's re-opened. It should add a note / log about the e-mail failed to send.
  • Sometimes, nothing happens. The ticket is closed and stays closed, but the e-mail is not send. I have done tests which you can verify in ticket: 43588465. It's never send (none of my replies) because the service is currently down. However, it does not notify me about the failure. A few times it re-opened automatically, but not everytime. This is unreliable.
  • If I leave a ticket open and it failed to send my last reply, there is no way of knowing. There is no list of failed e-mails, not retry mechanism, nothing at all. I leave tickets open all the time after a reply. How do I know the e-mail has been sent? 

Ps. sometimes a very short notice appears on the bottom left if the e-mail fails to send, but often it appears minutes (and only very briefly) after sending the message in Trengo, so that's pretty much useless. 

I reported this as a bug because obviously this needs to be improved. Very happy with Trengo in general, but this is unreliable and we need to know 100% sure if an e-mail has been delivered or not. 

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  • Thanks for sharing your feedback Marcel! 

    At this moment we chose to reopen failed emails and placing a "reject" message in the message top right corner. 

    If you experience there are messages that do not give this message or do not get reopened, can you please email us their ticketnumbers (team@trengo.com), because this way I can check whey these emails do not trigger these actions.

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