Merge conversations from different contacts

At the moment when two people reply at a ticket with the same [ticketnumber] trengo creates two different tickets (or threads). I'd like to see that when different humans (and thus email addresses) reply on the same ticket number, both will be displayed in the original ticket and the new addresses (additional to the original email address that created the ticket) are automatically added to CC of the ticket. This way we don't need to merge responses from different email addresses (which is another feature request) when users respond on our email. 

We have this case a lot when replying to a support email send from a team inbox, in which, after our reply, an individual member follows up from our client. 

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  • - edit: changed the subject - 

    Thanks for sharing Paul! We'll keep you posted as soon as there is an update. 

  • Thanks. Just to make sure, the merge should be automatically and based on the ticket number / ID. Looking forward to the update!

  • Paul Kegel Trengo has a feature that has almost the same outcome as your request. The only requirement to get this done, is that the persons are added in the conversation as CC. Have you tried this? For example: when somebody is CC'ed at a conversation and replies on thesame conversation, the answer will be merged within the same conversation.


    Addition we have released today a conversation link feature. When you click at the top of the conversation on the 3 bullits, you can link another conversation to this one. Via this way you keep track on different messages that may be linked to each other.

      • Paul Kegel
      • Paul_Kegel
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Patrick Meutzner Hi Patrick, the cc feature works awesome. This request is just the opposite, when somebody replies who's not set as a CC to the mail but got it anyway (due to group inboxes).

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  • It would be usefull if other channels could be merged to a conversation. E.g. a voice call to an email conversation

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    • Christ van Leest Christ van Leest +1

      • Charlotte Beenen
      • Product Support Specialist
      • charlotte_trengo
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Christ van Leest For now it is possible to link two conversations to each other with the new linking feature. This way you can connect two conversations from different channels or different people to each other.  

    • Tamara Berner Yes its linked but it doesnt appear on the conversation timeline you have to see if there is a linked conversation and guess where in the timeline is located, if you are able to merge the flow of the interaction with the client would be much better

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  • Any updates on how and if you can merge tickets from different contacts? 
    When a question is asked for example to a shared mailbox and someone answers it with his, or her personal email account. You can't merge it now. This is quite inconvenient. 

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