List of emailadresses when making an email too big

When you want to send and email to several emailadresses, the "send to" field enlarges with every added emailadress. When adding  a lot of emailadresses, this field becomes so big, you can only see 1 line of your typed email. It would be preferred if the list of adressed would only enlarge a bit and after that it should become a scroleable list.


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  • Thanks for sharing this! We will look for a solution. As soon as we solved this, we will inform you. 

  • Giovanni van Baal this depends how big your screensize is. We advice you to create a message with one or a few adresses and click on the white arrow beside the Green "Verstuur/Send". And then choose "Verstuur later/Send later". Then the conversation is created in Trengo and you have infinity space to add as much addresses as you want.

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