More detailed data

For us it would be preferable to gain insight upon processed conversations within the opening hours, meaning that messages outside opening hours are not measured within the data. 

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  • Thank you for your suggestion!

  • We are planning to give an upgrade to our statistics soon, I have added this request to my collection of suggestions / wishes for statistics. 

  • stijn Loris SCarpa Janet van de Griend Michel de Koning I noticed in the community you had some wishes for improving the statistics as well, as this is a subject we would like te start working on soon, please share your wishes in this post, so I can collect them and share them with our development team! 

  • Sandra Schurink Noticed you had some suggestions about the Statistics as well, feel free to share them in this topic! 

  • What we like to see is a statistic with number of ticket replies from our staff. 

  • Tamara Berner What I would like is to have a unique code for a specific filter I have created, so that I can save it as a bookmark. Also, I would like to be able to have a button "select all" and then deselect the filter criteria which are not interesting, instead of clicking all of the criteria which I need (in this case labels of tickets). Another feedback is that I would like to compare with a different period. The last feedback is that I would like to group the overviews not only per day, but also per week, per month and per quarter.

      • Charlotte Beenen
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      • charlotte_trengo
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      Loris SCarpa This is possible witht he new Trengo Analytics :). 

  • Tamara Berner I would like to see the number of calls we have missed, as well as the average duration of a call.

  • Thanks again for sharing the suggestions on improving our Trengo Analytis. 

    For now we have enabled Trengo Analytics in which we have new reports and a better way of measuring our data. 

    More information on how we currently measure the statistics can be found In our Help Center:

    This will solve the main topic. 

    We also improved a lot in our analytics back end, making it more easy to measure other data in the future. 

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