Custom e-mail signature per user per channel (e-mail)

Some users work part-time, we'd like to add this in their e-mail signature. This will be a unique text per signature.  With the current options this isn't possible.

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  • Thank you for submitting! 

    A signature can currently be personalized by using the following tags: 
    [agent.image] - Agent image;

    [agent.first_name] - Agent first name;

    [agent.last_name] - Agent last name. 

    Personalized texts are currently not possible. Could you please explain how you would like to see this implemented? 

      • Robbin
      • mgb
      • 1 yr ago
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      Tamara Berner an example would be:


      Met vriendelijke groet,

      [agent.first_name] [agent.last_name]

      Mijn werkdagen zijn op maandag, woensdag en donderdag, van 9:00 - 17:00 uur.


      The text "Mijn werkdagen zijn op maandag, woensdag en donderdag, van 9:00 - 17:00 uur." is user specific.


      Another example is that we apply custom image signatures per user per channel. Right now we're able to implement this via the HTML signature in combination with the shortcodes [agent.first_name] [agent.last_name] (https://url.tld/image-John-Doe.png / https://url.tld/image-Jane-Doe.png. In the signature we apply https://url.tld/image-[agent.first_name]-[agent.last_name].png).


      One solution could be to add a custom text field to the user settings (for example 1) that could be added via a new shortcode (something like [agent.custom_signature_text]) for adding a global text. For the second example there needs to be a signature field per user per channel.


      Right now we're most helped with the first solution.

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      • Tamara Berner
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      • Tamara_Berner
      • 1 yr ago
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      Robbin Thanks for the very clear explanation! Sounds like a great add-on! 

  • This is exactly what I'm looking for. Sometimes, within a team, not all employees have the same function title. Currently it is not possible to assign different function titels to members of the same team. This would be fixed with the above

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  • Would be very helpful to be able to create a custom signature per user. By then we would also be able to change the size of the agent image, as well as their own business number.

  • We're planning to create a new custom field that can be added to user profiles. This custom field can be added to a person's signature, creating the ability to further personalize signatures. 

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  • We recently added a feature to custom field: User fields. With this every organization can choose for itself what extra fields can be added to an agent (like working days, job description, etc.). These custom user fields can be added to a person's signature, making a more customizalble email signature. 

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