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It would be handy, if like word and outlook, when you paste into Trengo it gave you the little box to select if it should be plain text or keep format etc. I know you can right click and use the windows one but its not as easy as using the keys for example. 

Also when you paste in text from another mail it looks fine in trengo but when you see the mail in outlook or the recipients version, it has put the text in a box or number of boxes, which looks quite bad.

Formatting generally is quite clunky and could do with a new wysiwyg text editor. Is anything like that on the horizon? Thanks

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  • Tim B Thank you for your feedback.

     You can actually paste and match the style by using keys. For mac it would be Command + Option + Shift + V and for Windows its Ctrl+Shift+V 

    What you explain with the recipient formatting, doesn't sound great. I would like to look into this in depth. If you could, please send screenshots of an example in Trengo and how the recipient sees it, then we can have a look and see what we can do here. 

    Have you tried using the code view <> editor? The button can be found at the bottom of the ticket next to quick replies. This will give you more freedom in terms of formatting (albeit only for email). 

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