Widget: Has anyone got pre-population working?

Hi folks,

We're trying to get name / email to pre-populate in the widget but haven't got it to work thus far.

Here is a minimal repro of what we're doing: https://gist.github.com/mikesimons/498c2c003a8b25abeeba5c7bc32bc8f7

The code is taken from the Installation tab of the dashboard and setting the contact data from here: https://developers.trengo.com/docs/set-ticket-data

Given how minimal the repro is I suspect an issue either with docs, the widget or our account.

Any working examples or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi, I just implemented it. It works as it should. I didn't however modify the code in the header, I just added the script in the footer as documented.

    • Jure  Interesting. Was that in the conversation channel? We were trying to do it with the email channel and received this reply from Trengo support:

      Unfortunately the Widget API for now only enables this data to be sent with the conversation to Trengo. So this information is known inside the Trengo Inbox. As you perhaps already have seen while testing. But this information is unfortunately not reactive in the widget itself.

      If you want to capture the username or email if already given by the API. You could use a Flowbot with User Input content to ask if not given already.

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      Mike Simons Well in my case, the people are known to us on the student platform where they logged in. We are using the website chat for giving support. I didn't want them to input name/email because sometimes they type in another email other than the one they use on the platform. By prepopulating this data using the code, I get the correct information inside the Trengo ticket. I didn't go about trying to display this data inside the widget itself. What are you trying to do?

    • Mike Simons Thanks for letting us know about the limitations of the email channel. I've been trying to populate custom fields to my ticket data for the past couple of hours without luck. Trengo's Widget API documentation should be updated to reflect this limitation.

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