Create a super admin account that can be used by more than one person

It would be good to allow the administrator account log in from different devices at the same time. Currently we have some users of Trengo who do not need an agent license as they do not work on tickets, but they need to work on updating the knowledgebase fore instance. This means we have to allocate access for that purpose and restrict the agent supervisor from using the admin account. You need to add in Trengo a super admin account that cannot respond to conversations but is capable of making system changes and be accessed by more than one person at a time so that such use cases are catered for.

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  • I I fully agree with this idea. We are a small company and have 3 'seats' for people who do customer support. I am the admin but I do not work on customer support and do not interact with customers. I only access the control panel once in a while when there is a question of when I have to change something but now I need a 'seat' for myself too while I hardly work with the tool. This makes our account 25% more expensive than necessary. We like to spend our money wisely, now we just waste one seat. 


    I could make one helpdesk colleague admin and do changes through this account but then this person can see all info from others (stats etc.) invoices, can change settings etc. that just does not work well. 

    Would be nice if there would be a 'super admin' account that does not count as a user, for the actual admin. 

  • Baker Ayekundira and Jonny Thank you both for your feedback. We will be reviewing user permissions this year, and your idea makes a lot of sense. We will keep you posted here on any developments!

    • Hi Daniela Backman is there any update on this request? It's important for us as we are considering renewing our subscription soon.

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