Help center login from within our own software

It would be awesome if I could post the password of our help center from within our other internal software. I checked the sourcecode and have seen you can post the password to /login/.

At this moment this does not work because I get returned to the previous page, which is our internal software. Maybe this can be solved by an extra post "referer". If this field is filled the user should be redirected to that url, if the field is not filled then he can go back to the previous page.

When we can do this our internal users do not have to remember the password of the help center.

And can it be made possible that the cookie is saved longer? At this moment your logged in for two hours, but can this optionally be extended to maybe 24 hours? That way we don't have to re-login when we use the direct url.

The same method is used in the software we currently use for user feedback. This list is secured by a password, but once your loggedin the software remembers you.

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    • Eduard
    • Eduard_Wustenveld
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I posted a request for SSO as well, but this can be a nice intermediate step to that. And I think this request is a lot easier to implement for you guys :-)

  • Thanks for sharing this feature Eduard! Sounds like an interesting add-on! I will keep track of this post and keep you up to date if there's any news!

    • Eduard
    • Eduard_Wustenveld
    • 2 yrs ago
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    I have created a workaround so the infinite loop is now broken. It is not really a great way to do it, but it works for now so our customers can have a effortless experience when switching to the help center.

    What I do is I create a session variable at the moment I post the password to When the login is done Trengo redirects me, and when the session variable is set I break the infinite loop by just forwarding the user to the help center. When I do this I delete the session variable so the next time the user clicks the link to the help center he (or she) will automatically login again. I did this because a Trengo help center only remembers you for 2 hours.

    I even added a redirect variable, so I can link directly to an article in the helpcenter from within our own software. When the redirect variable is sent to our own internal Trengo-loginscript the redirect in step two adds something like /nl/articles/... so the user lands on the right article.

    This solution does not earn a beauty award, but it works for now!

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      • Charlotte Beenen
      • Product Support Specialist
      • charlotte_trengo
      • 1 yr ago
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      Eduard Wustenveld Thanks for sharing this Eduard! 

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