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I would like to link Trengo data in real time to other internal data to create a team dashboard. For this it would be great to be able to get a PowerBI push link via Trengo, which transfers the data in real time. There are already functionalities, only those are not realtime and requires refreshing and has certain limits that doesn't make it realtime. 


So as an example an option to pass on a PowerBI Push link in Trengo with which Trengo transfers the data to PowerBI real-time.

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  • Nick van Daelen  You can follow the steps below to make a connecting between Trengo and PowerBI

    1. Create an API token in Trengo.
      This is done by navigating to Settings -> Apps and Integrations -> Rest API.
      Note, this token is only shown once, so make sure to save it on a computer, because if a new code is generated, the old one will no longer be valid. This can cause existing links to stop working.
    2. Next, choose "get data" in  Power BI.
      A pop-up screen is shown. Navigate in this pop-up screen to "Other" -> "Web" and click on connect.
    3. Choose "Advanced" and enter the following information:
      URL parts: https://app.trengo.eu/api/v2/tickets
      HTTP request header parameters:
      Left column: "Authorization"   Right column: Bearer + the copied api token.
      A space is required between Bearer and the api token.

    4. Click Ok.
      Power BI will now try to connect to Trengo and then retrieve data. The program will probably ask once again to confirm the input source. Click here on "Connect". At that time, the connection has been made. 

    Establish between a developer and the organization which information is displayed in which way in Power BI. 

    • Daniela Backman Hello Daniela,

      Thanks for the reply. 

      This isn't data used for a 'real-time' dashboard. This data needs to be refreshed and isn't connectable in PowerBI to other realtime streaminggegevenssets. It's fine if someone wants to build a Repport in PowerBI, not a Dashboard. 

      • Daniela Backman
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      Nick van Daelen  Ah yeah I see. Then you could look into using webhooks and the Rest API to push data real time. Webhooks would signify the real time trigger in Trengo, and you can then use the rest api to define what data you want to push out. You can find the relevant documentation here.

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