Context sensitive auto-replies

In another idea I mentioned the "Context sensitive help center widget" ( But maybe it's also a great idea to have a context sensitive auto-reply.

Imagine this. A customer sends us a support mail with a question like "How can I achieve this and that" or "How does this feature work?". How awesome would it be if this customer can get an auto-reply that we have received their question, thank them and tell them what they can expect from our TTR (time to respond). But also a short list with possible answers that can be found in our help center?

Maybe some AI can read the customer e-mail and discover some keywords in it that's also in some article in the help center. That way a customer will have an automated answer to their question and can click through to read the article. If the article helps them in any way there should be a way the customer can tell us "This solves my problem" so the ticket can automatically be closed with a note "Solved it by auto-reply".

I really believe in self-service and this way people can be helped to help themselves much better and remove the workload from support staffs all around the world!

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  • Thanks for sharing Eduard! Sounds like a great feature! We will keep you posted if there's any news on this feature. 

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