More Quick Reply Customization

I would like to be able to add custom tags to the quick reply section.

As example I regularly would use a payment link tag and an invoice number tag. Also what would be really nice is to have the option when you start a conversation. That you can already fill in the name of the person you are sending the mail to. This would help as well with the quick reply thing. Also with the quick reply it would be also great that you can add a default tag.
So when let's say I send a finance mail, the finance tag would already be put on the mail.

Maybe the option would be when you start a conversation, all the custom tags you can create would be easy fields to fill in according to the quick reply you create.

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  • Ryon Mereboer Thank you for your feedback. For now, you have the following tags available: 

    [ticket_id] Ticket ID

    [contact_name] Contact name

    [agent_name] Agent name

    [profile_name] Profile name

    For the other tags you mentioned, would you see it working together with custom fields? As for the finance tag example, could this simply work as tags per channel? Because if yes, then you can sort of already do it, by using the email signature and custom tags.

    • Daniela Backman it's more about directly adding the conversation tag when you start a new conversation. Also I would like to be able when starting a new conversation to be able to already fill in the name of the customer. So I don't need to more information and then fill in the name. It would be great if that's possible in one go

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