User roles/permissions within admin area

There should be a possibility to enforce different rights and have different admin rules.

I.e., we use Trengo help center and I'm the one who writes these articles, but I am not an admin myself. So as soon as I wish to publish a help center article, the admin user has to make me an admin. I can only view all the settings OR see nothing at all.

Perhaps it's even an idea to make a user eligible to be the admin of their user channel. Say you have a customer service line 1 and line 2. A team leader will be able to control quick replies, assign rules, etc. for their channel.

I suggest something like:

  • Administrator/owner - all rights
  • Moderator - all rights except the very sensitive areas like password, main e-mail, etc. Basically 'Admin' without ownership
  • Writer - only access to help center and quick replies f.e.
  • User - no access to settings at all
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  • Hi Eduard ! I saw you shared a similar post about being able to customize rights / roles for users in Trengo. Could you please leave your feedback concerning this on the post here? This way we can gather all feedback and communication in one place! 馃槉 Thanks in advance! 

    • Eduard
    • Eduard_Wustenveld
    • 11 mths ago
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    Yes, to be able to give a "light agent" rights to edit the help center articles would be awesome. I don't want to give our editor admin rights to Trengo. So now she copies the help center content to Pages and writes what she wants to write. Then she has to mail it back to me so I can post it in the help center.

    That's not really working because I hire people so I don't have to do that job anymore and can use my time elsewhere in the business. I love writing content, stories and articles but I know it benefits my business more if I spend my time on other things so we can scale harder.

    I subscribed to Trengo to help me delegate stuff more, and with some improvements and tweaks on things like these user roles it can work.

  • It would be good to have a pure 'technical' user as well- someone who can create and edit channels, rules, views, etc but doesn't need access to reply to tickets.

      • Charlotte Beenen
      • Product Support Specialist
      • Charlotte_Beenen
      • 9 mths ago
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      Support User Thanks for sharing this idea! We'll keep you posted on relevant developments on this feedback 馃槉

    • Charlotte Beenen the roles I've suggested in my post were merely examples of user roles. Perhaps what you could do, because I can see everyone's demands for different user roles are different, is be able to give users different permissions with checkboxes. So each user starts without permissions, as a basic user.

      After which you can give them access to different parts of Trengo, using checkboxes. That could be expanded by giving those different parts different sub-parts.

      For example, you could grant a user permission to edit 'Help center' articles, but not remove or add any new ones. The second could be a sub-part, a sub-permission to the first one.

      I think my idea is clear and I'm excited to see there is demand/support for this :-)

      • Charlotte Beenen
      • Product Support Specialist
      • Charlotte_Beenen
      • 7 mths ago
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      Gian Stevens thanks for the extra explanation! I read from the different comments that a couple of 'set' roles might be nice but that you would also like the possibility to create a completely 'custom' user with which you can toggle off/on specific access to features and settings within Trengo - we will keep you updated in case there are any progress from our development team on this! 

  • Hey Josue ! I saw you left a similar post concerning this topic - feel free to like and follow the post and leave a comment. I have deleted your other post in order to maintain visibility and avoid duplicate posts 馃槉

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