Single Sign-on (SSO)

This is a bit in addition to my other "idea" at

As I told before we are currently using Zendesk, and are thinking about migrating to Trengo for the simple fact that your a dutch startup and Trengo got some feature I really, really like.

In our current setup we use SSO to let customers automatically sign on to their customer portal. We develop a SaaS product and the admins of this software have access to our support center. We're doing this with SSO so they can just click a button in our backend to go to the portal where they are signed in without even having to think about it.

Because they automatically sign in we have a widget in our backend from which they can access the private knowledge-base which is only accessible for our customers.

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  • Thanks for sharing ! We are currently researching the SSO feature for agents, but I must be honest. But my guess is that if your other feature is released, with the API, it should be possible to attach it to the SSO for their portal. I will keep track of both posts and keep you updated about its possiblities. 

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      Tamara Berner Is there any news on this feature? It has been a year ago now. Our customers are really anxious for this to be released. Because that way we have more control over who can access our help center from within our own software.

      We now use a workaround by posting the password from within our software to the help center. But the help center then return to our own software, so we to redirect them again. This is really, as they call it in dutch, "houtje touwtje" and not the way we want to work.

      I hope you can give us good news

  • We would also really like an SSO option. Two examples of why this is needed:
    Our users would need to remember fewer passwords.
    When blocking users, we would only need to do that in one place.
    This is as much a convenience feature as a safety feature.

    Looking forward to an update.

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  • Hi - this is really important to Trengo to scaled use cases. We will have 70 users to maintain

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