More options for notifications outside of Trengo

Not every teammember wants to receive 'Assigned to you' e-mails in their private inbox. This is an account setting for the whole company now, but it would be nice if our collegues would be able to choose their own preferences in notifications. 

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  • I totally agree with this! Would be great if any user could choose preferences (email / pop-up / sound / no notification at all / etc) for different kind of situations (ticket assigned to your team / ticket assigned to you / someone replied on conversation / private message from other user / etc). 

    Kind regards, Anne

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  • Hi Marie-Louise and Anne Schulze thank you for your feedback. You can set up notifications on account level when going to your profile here

    This setting is just for a basic notification, but being able to customise notification preferences is not possible. For the different kinds of notifications you explained, these standardly appear in the bottom left corner under the bell icon or as a mark on the team chat icon.

    • Daniela Backman Thank you for the reply, but the way you describe doesn't work. I've got my notifications switched off under 'preferences', just like you described in the reply, and I still receive 'Assigned to you' e-mails in my Outlook inbox. So this doesn't work. Only thing that works is if I fill it in for our whole company (on account-level). But then it counts voor all my teammembers and as written in my previous comment, that's not something we prefer. 

  • Marie-Louise The notification email which says a ticket has been assigned to you is a setting per channel (all except email), and this will be sent to the email addresses you specify there. If you need support on adjusting your notifications, please reach out to Our product support team will b e happy to help you further :)

    • Daniela Backman That's, again, not what I'm asking. Every member of my team needs acces to all the e-mails that're coming in, but some of them are not working in Trengo a lot so they would like to get a notification when they're assigned. The others, who work in Trengo often, don't want to be spammed with those assigned e-mails. I've asked the before about this issue, but they send me to this community.

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    • Marie-Louise For your information: we made a 'hand made' solution to automatically delete those emails in Outlook for the ones who are working in Trengo a lot. But I'm aware that's not a long term solution, so it will be very helpful if Trengo could accept personal preferences on account level.

    • Marie-Louise Thank you for your comment. I do understand what you are asking, but I believe you are misunderstanding my replies as I was simply trying to clarify how notifications work now. 

      As for your feature request, to summarise: (correct me if i'm wrong) You would like to be able to set email notifications when tickets are assigned to a user (who does not work in Trengo often) on a user level, not account level. We appreciate the feedback and will take this under consideration. If/when we decide to move forward with said feature request, we will inform you here. 

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