extra info in offline chat form

When a customer contacts us using the "offline chat window" they often ask something about the product they are visiting at that moment. With Trengo we don't know at the moment which product the client was on. It would be very useful to put the current page in the bottom of the mail the customer sends.

For instance:
*mailcontent here*
Customer was visiting: www.website.be/productpage.html

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  • Thank you for submitting and the very clear explanation.

    We'll keep you up-to-date concerning the developments! 

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  • Yanniek Mijnders I noticed you had a similar post to this one, please keep track of the updates in this post. 

  • Tamara Berner I would also suggest to be able to enrich offline chat window with other question boxes too apart from name and email. Normally when we are offline our clients send email using offline chat window and not the email form. This is why we need the offline chat window to be customizable too. 

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