Display a the link/information from Facebook in Trengo when a user clicks the "Whatsapp" button in a post.

In Facebook we can set a post to have a contact link that goes to our Whatsapp for business number.  Facebook sends the link to the post in a message that says "I saw this on Facebook".  but in Trengo the link is not captured.  So we constantly have to ask our users what link/post they are referring to.  It happens A LOT.   And it's super annoying.   Can we capture the link?  Can we write a rule that can process the link?  For example, if the post contained a product ID, we can parse it and immediately send more info back to the user about that product without humans getting involved.    The perfect scenario would be a user inquires via FB to our Whatsapp channel and we look up the product info in our DB and respond with more info, THEN we assign the chat to the Chatbot that says, "I'm a chatbot, but I can answer more questions.  What else would you like to know?"

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  • Joey Caisse Thank you for your feedback. I already explained this via email but will explain it here again if someone else finds this post. The way our current facebook integration works is by Facebook's pages api. For marketing related posts (such as the ones you describe), we would need to use Facebook's marketing api, which needs to be separately applied for and developed. We will inform here once we embark on this feature!

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