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There are a few things missing, I've sent it by e-mail but you told me to post it here. So here goes.

What I'm missing is a possibility for my customers to login to a customer portal. At this moment people can login to our support portal and gain access to the knowledgebase and to all their support tickets. So a customer sents us an e-mail or submits a ticket, and they can follow the progress of their ticket in their own portal. They can also see older, closed tickets and they can see tickets of other people within their own organisation.

If we would migrate to Trengo this would be greatly missed by us and our customers. It's great that we can have a clear view of everything that's going on. But I would give this possibility to our customers as well.

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  • Thanks for sharing this feature! I really like this request, we have been researching this feature and at this moment we do not offer it, but we do offer a custom channel for organisations that have such a customer portal. If this could help you, please send an email to, so I can help you with the setup!

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      Tamara Berner Hi Tamara. We currently use Zendesk and would like to replace it with Trengo. Trengo has some awesome features we really like, it's dutch and more cost efficient than Zendesk. But this customer portal is missing, it is great that we can somehow connect this portal to trengo but then we still have to use Zendesk ;-)

      At this time there is no "problem" for us, our current subscription ends at the 21th of Januari in 2021. So if we choose to migrate it would be in november / december so we have enough time to transfer the data and cancel our subscription.

      Do you think it's a realistic expectation that Trengo will have a customer portal like I described by the end of this year? ☺️

  • Once again, thanks for sharing this feature! It is a very interesting, but elaborate feature. At this moment we are not going to implement it soon, but in the feature this is definitely something word researching. 

  • Pascal Gordebeke Wouter Luyten You had a similar wish to this one, please like and follow this post to keep up to date about any news. 

  • We also really would like to see this feature. All other big ticket software organizations offer this functionality. 

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