Longer access to private knowledge base

I have another request about the private knowledge base (https://talk.trengo.com/t/35hh5xc/private-knowledgebase).

But in the meantime, when this is not yet realized, can it be made possible that when you enter a password to log in to the knowledgebase that the login is longer than now?

For now I am trying to make people login automatically from within our own software by posting the correct password from within our own software. That way the knowledge base is private, but easily accessible for my customers. It's not the most ideal solution but for now it works. The only problem is that the session expires to soon, when I go back to the knowledge base the next day by using a direct url I have to login again.

Can this easily be changed so I can maybe decide for myself how long a login should last for a help center?

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    • Eduard_Wustenveld
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Why I'm asking this is because I'm trying to make Trengo work for u already, we still have till januari because Zendesk expires by then. But it would be great if we could already start using Trengo.

    And with some creative adjustments on our side, it should work. It will not be flawless, but the possibility to unite all communications in one will make up for it.

  • Thanks for sharing! Will keep you up to date if there's any news. 

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