Disable mandatory email collection form

Why oh why is this mandatory?


We have no choice but to collect email addresses when the agents are offline or its outside of business hours. There is no way to disable this.


It's quite that assumption that everyone would want this feature. Let us turn it off please. You can disable "show always online" in the widget but for some reason it still thinks you want to collect this information with just another form. I would think that if you disabled this, then you disabled it and that's the end of it.


Love the product but not sure what you are thinking on this one.


I can appreciate that a lot of people want to collect email addresses and messages, but you need to consider that others do not and only want to talk to customers live.


I just want to be able to have the chat be online during business hours, and disabled outside of business hours with no forms ever. Please make an off switch for the form. Thank you.

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    Hi Daniel,

    What I did to overcome this is to look for the Trengo iframe until it shows up using an interval and once found, append CSS inside the iframe to hide the email field.

    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    var i = 0;
    var cleanTrengo;
    cleanTrengo = setInterval(function() {
    if (jQuery(".trengo-vue-iframe").length) {
    jQuery(".trengo-vue-iframe").contents().find(".panel").append('<style>.chat-capture-form { display: none !important; }</style>');
    }, 200);

    With this in my site's footer, the email field disappears before it even shows up (note that in order to use this you must have jQuery loaded on your site, which is the case in WordPress for example).


    • This may be tweaked in order to fit your setup and isn't very clean to start with, but it should work until Trengo allows disabling the form from the admin panel.

    I do think that this form makes sense in the chat and I am 100% happy with Trengo so far, but I do understand why some people may need to hide this field. 

    Hopefully this code helps others.


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