Google Analytics Integration

Hi Trengo Community,


It would be really nice to have some (basic) Google Analytics Integration. 


It could look like this:


  • we supply a Google Analytics Account Number (UA-xxxxxxx....-y)
  • you push some events into google Analytics like (example):
    • Category = Trengo Chat
    • Action = Start Chat
    • Label = [label] (or wathever other relevant information)

In Google Analytics we could see:

  • timestamp
  • page 
  • and all other session data so we can use this to understand the impact of the chat within the session (for example Transactions).


This would be great and it would be great as others within this community like this as well :)..



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  • Would be nice to have an integration with Google Tag Manager so that we customize our own integration :)

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  • This seems like a great idea and a great explanation of how you would like to see it! 

  • Did you manage to realize the Google Analytics integration?

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  • At this moment you can create a Google Analytics integration using our API (, however we are planning to build an official integration. As for now this feature has no deadline or planning, but I will keep you up to date if there's an update!

    • Tamara Berner that would be great! We are really looking forward to this integration. Is there any perspective in launching this integration next year?

    • Olaf Peters At this moment there is no exact timeline, but I will keep you up to date if there's any news! 

    • Tamara Berner Is there a goal? Like a month, this quarter or this year?

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  • Hi Martijn Lijten , Olaf , Mark , we are actively looking in a way to implement Google Tag Manager into Trengo. I would love to hear your in put in what types of data would be interesting to track! 

    • Tamara Berner perfect!

      We would like to know:

      • Chat opened
      • Chat started
      • Chat ended
      • Which page the chat started (perhaps with a label)
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    • Tamara Berner When do you expect to implement this feature?

    • Olaf Peters We have no strict timeline just yet! As soon as I have discussed the wishes with our development team, I'll keep you posted on their expected planning. 

    • Tamara Thanks!

    • Tamara Berner Hi Tamara,
      Is there any progression regarding to Google Analytics?

    • Olaf Peters Currently this feature is up for discussion with the product team. As soon as I have real news on this, I'll let you know.

    • Ivo
    • Ivo
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    Yes please, would be great if we could see in Google Analytics (perhaps even Facebook Ads) what visitors start a chat with us. So we know which campaign leads to contacts.

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  • Hi everybody! We are currently planning to implement an integration with Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager. We plan to work on this for the upcoming period! 

  • The new integration with Google Analytics for the widget is live. 

    If you navigate to Settings > Website widget > click on the widget you want to edit, under the general settings you now see "Send events to Google Analytics". 

    Activate this feature and save the widget to activat this. 


    Note: it is important that the Google Analytics (UA) tracking code is placed in your website in order to trace Widget events.

    The results in Google Analytics can be found in Behavior > events under the name "Trengo widget". 

    Currently, it is tracked: 

    • When the widget is opened; 
    • When a chat has been started; 
    • When someone sends a chat reply; 
    • When a customer fills in their email address in the "Show always as available feature"; 
    • When the chat has been closed by the agent; 
    • When a customer opens another channel in the widget; 
    • When the widget has been closed; 
    • If the chat is online. 
    • Tamara Berner Major issue with the current integration: it tracks when the chat is offline on page load. This means that on every page that has the chat widget (majority of pages) the bounce rate metrics is rendered useless.


      Since a bounce is a session with a single hit, and the 'chat offline' is always the second hit (after pageview), no bounce can occur. This can all be fixed relatively easily if you simply push events into the site's datalayer. We can then trigger tags on those events in Google Tag Manager and set non-interaction hit to true.

      Or, you can set the non-interaction hit to true in the current implementation for the first chat event that is fired.

  • Here you find the Help Center article with the instructions:

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