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Hi there,

Our organization has a multilingual website using a multilingual website widget (English, French, Spanish).

Currently, the website widget language is determined by the visitor's browser language. This works well most of the time. However, users may choose to browse our website in Spanish or French while their browser is configured in English. But when they open the website widget, it's still in English.

Proposed solution : allow developers to set the website widget language programmatically.


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  • Pedro Zurbach Thank you for your input. Interested to hear how that would work more specifically?

  • Daniela Backman Sure thing! Ideally the Trengo team would add a new method to the website widget API to set the locale:


    We would then call this method when a user changes the language on our website. That way, both our website and widget are in the same language.

    • Pedro Zurbach This might actually already work, have you tried? I'm not a developer but at least for the appearance customisations you can do more than what is documented :) 

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