Integromat integration?

Hello. I'm looking to make the switch from zohodesk to Trengo and I am kinda shocked that you have Zapier integration and you dont have an Integromat one because integromat is superior in every way possible.


- You can do a lot more complex scenarios than you can do in Zapier and it's way easier to build on it.

- At least 5-6 Times cheaper (We moved from Zapier to it, and we are saving at least $500 every month on one account).

- More stable and better debugging systems. 

I mean, switching from zohodesk to trengo, would mean paying another couple hundreds every month for Zapier, and a lot of wasted time rebuilding everything there which i'm not even sure if we can replicate the complexity. 

Is this planned in any way?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Alan thank you for your feedback. We will take this under consideration and inform you here if/when we decide to move forward with this integration.


  • Good news! We are working together with Integromat to add Trengo to their development roadmap. More details to come later :) 

  • Daniela Backman do you have any update on the roadmap? We're looking into the possibilities of integrating Trengo with our future Salesforce platform. Zapier is obviously an option, but an alternative would be great for comparison.

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      • Daniela Backman
      • Customer Success Manager
      • Daniela_trengo
      • 5 mths ago
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      Arjan Peters Could you tell me which company you are from? Then I can ask our Partner Manager to reach out to you to discuss further :)

    • Daniela Backman I'm with staff capital, I normally have contact with Jasper.

      • Charlotte Beenen
      • Product Support Specialist
      • Charlotte_Beenen
      • 4 mths ago
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      Arjan Peters thanks for the response! I checked for you and they are working on the integration. We will have more information at the end of Q2 / beginning of Q3. We will update the post here in case there are any developments. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions in the meantime on 😊

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    • Charlotte Beenen We want it too :) (I'm with Payset LTD)

      Zapier does not provide a solution for use. (integrating Trengo with Salesforce)

  • I use Integromat (Make) with Trengo everyday...I just use HTTP module to make the API calls.  

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