Custom subject for widget emails

Our organization uses the website widget to allows our users to contact us via email.

Right now, every email is being sent with the subject "Contact form from X". 

Why this is an issue:

  • The vast majority of our users are not from English-speaking countries, yet they receive answers from us with a subject line in English. Yes we can customize the subject before answering, but it's quite tedious and doesn't scale.
  • Support agents can't easily know what a ticket is about unless they open it. All they see is a long list of "Contact form from X".

Potential solutions:

Solution 2 is my favorite because it's easy to implement and does not require users to enter more data (unlike solution 1) while still providing unique subject lines for each ticket (unlike solution 3).


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  • Pedro Zurbach Great suggestion, we appreciate the time you took to formulate the issue and potential solutions! We will monitor to see how many other users would find this useful and then take this under consideration. 

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