Ticket status (New / Open / Pending / Solved)

I noticed it was possible to use ticketnumbers in a channel. I think it would be a great addition if a ticketstatus can be added as well.

At this moment there are not much ways to see if a ticket is really closed. I can only close a conversation but that's it. When I send a response I've lost the conversation in my overview because I can only see "Everything" or "Unanswered". But what if I answered a ticket but still have to do an action for it? There is nothing that remembers me to do so.

Maybe ticketstatus can make a change in this? If a ticketstatus is "Open" I know we have to do something, if the status is "Pending" then I we are waiting for a response from our customer.

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  • Thanks for sharing this wish! At this moment we have the statuses "New" / "Assigned" / "Closed". 

    For myself, I operate like this: 
    - I assign a conversation I would like to answer. 
    - If I'm done answering or the conversation has ended, I will close the conversation. 

    - If the conversation still requires an action from my side, I will place a reminder on this conversation, so it comes back to me when I need to perform the action. (https://help.trengo.com/en/articles/10165-set-a-reminder-and-do-not-lose-sight-of-a-conversation)

    - If a conversation requires actions from my colleagues, I use to mention them. This way they will get a To-Do which they can check off. You can also use this feature to mention yourself. (https://help.trengo.com/en/articles/5569-tip-notify-a-colleague-of-a-conversation-via-a-tag)


    Nevertheless, I think an extra status like "pending" is very interesting, so I will keep track of the interest in this feature and keep you up to date if there's any news worth sharing. 

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      Tamara Berner that is the way I'm using it as well. Reminders won't work for me, because their bound to a date and I'm a bit timeless. I just want to see what's pending so I can pick up those things whenever it's convenient for me ;-)

      Thanks for keeping track of the interest, it would be very usefull for me because we're used to be working that way.

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