Make draft e-mail available for all users

A user can save a message via the "Send later" option. When I save as a draft and reassign the message to another user the message headers are saved but all content gets lost (message, attachments). It looks like the content is stored locally (when the message get assigned back to my user account the content is restored). We'd like the content to be saved as well so a user can prepare a message en assign it to another user for reviewing and sending.

We'd also like to be able to save a reply as draft when replying to a message (for other users to see as described above). Now it's only possible to choose "Send" and "Send and close"

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  • Looks like a great idea, thanks for sharing, this allows other customers looking for this capability to build upon your feedback or upvote it. This way we can build Trengo according to your wishes. 

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