Add on for live dashboard - live customers on website

Additional to a live dashboard:

Live traffic on the website and be able to trigger a chat to browsing customers. Sometimes I have customers on the phone which I want to send a direct link to a certain product. I could see them on the website (with older chat provider), trigger chat to open, send link, and boom, customer is directly on the product page they want. 

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  • Thank you for posting your idea! We will keep track of it and inform you if there is any news or developments :) 

  • Hi - has Live Dashboard been discussed internally and maybe you have an idea of if and when it will be implemented? I think it is a must have, to be honest :)

  • W B Lennart Petersson We don't have an update on this feature request at this time, but after a closer look, I would like to add to Charlotte's response. 

    You technically can already do what you are asking. If you have a chat contact for a customer saved in Trengo, you can initiate a chat conversation with the customer and they will receive a notification in the chat on their end, given that they are on a page where your widget is located. Obviously we cannot track users on your website in Trengo, but you could do this with Google Analytics for example. 

    In addition to this, I would also recommend to take a look at our Greetings option, also known as Widget Automation. it serves a similar purpose as to what you are asking for. You can read more about it here.

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