Create new ticket based on sender e-mail address or subject

Since we do use the 'Reopen closed conversations' and 'new ticket when different subject' in E-mail channel we are experiencing some issues with automated mails we receive from for example

We do receive a new ticket/mail every time a new review created. But that email always has the same subject, so Trengo will merge them into one ticket. That is not very clear to handle, since we would like to respond or take action on any review placed (so every time we receive an email from

Is there a way to solve this, maybe a Rule action can be added for this or anything else?

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  • Absolutely - we have the same issue, so if you have found a solution we'd love to hear it.

  • Hi Eric van Wenkop interesting question. Have you already found a way to achieve this? 

    Support User FYI

    I could think of one way to achieve this but it would only work when you use the direct Gmail or outlook integration. See the steps below:

    1. Create and add a label such as "reviews" to these review emails in Outlook/Gmail (this can be automated for the future). 

    2. Create a channel (an additional one to the already existing channel where all emails come into) in trengo for the email address, but choose to only synchronise selected labels (the label you created in step one) to this new channel. 

    3. Adjust the settings for this new channel to always create a new ticket (also when the subject line is the same).

    4. Now you have a channel in trengo which only includes these  specific review emails. 

    NOTE! The review emails will also be found in the main email channel (in one thread), but you can create a rule to automatically close these duplicates.

  • Hi Daniela & Support User ,

    We indeed found a solution for this. We managed to change the email address where those specific mails are being sent to. For that specific email address we created a new channel with the setting to create a separate ticket on each new incoming email.

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