Recurring notifications for waiting chat-visitors and indicator if chat-visitor is still waiting

Maybe I've missed it somewhere, but it seems that there is no recurring notification (text and sound) for chat visitors that are waiting for an operator.


There is also no indicator to tell us if the chat-visitor is still there.


For us it makes the chat functionality less usable. We want to integrate everything in Trengo, but we now still need to use Crisp Chat for our business and that is a pity.

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  • The recurring notification is a great extra feature indeed! Thanks for sharing. 

    There are a few indicators in Trengo that show if a visitor is still online: 

    1. On the top of the conversation, besides the name the dot is colored red if someone is offline, or green if someone is still online (see image). 

    2. Within the contact information, in the tab "Visitor details" the visitor status is shown (online or offline) and you can even see (if online), what page the visitor is currently viewing. 

    • Tamara Berner Good, but like me 10% of the males are colour blind and the difference between red and green is very hard to see. Other colours could be considered, like blue and red or green and blue.

    • Tim Struijs  Thanks for sharing this Tim! I have shared this with my team, so we can  look into this! 

  • Upon the recurring notification: at this moment it is possible to do this by the use of Rules: 


    Tiket Status equal open 


    Is unreplied after .. minutes 


    Is unreplied after .. minutes (higher number of minutes).  


    Send notification to [user1], [user2], [user3]

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  • The recurring notification does work, more or less, but it is without sound. So overlooked easily.

    You could solve this by adding a functionality in Rules to play a sound after 1 minute instead of sending a notification after one minute.

    But this functionality does not exists yet.

    Also it would be nice to be able to choose for seconds, 1 minute is rather long.

    I would like to use 10 or 15 seconds for example.

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