Implement keyboard shortcuts

In several email clients I'm used to use keyboard shortcuts, currently those are missing in Trengo.

For example:


  1. CTRL-Enter to send an email or post an update.
  2. SHIFT-DELETE to permantently delete an item
  3. CTRL-DELETE to archive an item
  4. CTRL-A to select all
  5. And so on and so on

Mail clients like Outlook, Mailspring and Missive all have keyboard shortcuts.

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  • Thanks for sharing, sounds like a cool feature! I'll keep you up to date if there is any news! 

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  • We are currently working on this feature! As soon as it is live I will give you an update! 

  • Mark Just Could you please like and follow this topic, as it is similar to a request you posted. I will update you in this topic. 

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      • Max Ayo
      • MaxAyo
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      I think Ctrl + Enter should be Send and Close for emails and all other platforms

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  • Thomas You have shared this idea in a different post. Please follow and like this one. I will keep you posted in this topic!

  • Tim van den Dam Your idea of using shortkeys to implement Quick Replies would be a great add-on to this feature as well, please like and follow this post and I will keep you updated on both features. 

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  • I think there should also be a shortcut for merging conversations.

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  • We have added our first keyboard shortcut: 

    cmd/ctrl + e will open a quick navigation panel.   

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