E-mail answer to offline chatter

It would be nice if we:

  1. Could change the sender e-mail address to something which is related to our company name (now it is chat-cIe95G4NcqQFSA5ZJmNo6hp7Zc38foxxPSjTt3uqVkNR9PaIgH@trengomail.com)
  2. Could auto add a signature below the message if the message is being sent by email to the customer. 
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  • Thank you for sharing Eric! The good news is that those features are already available in Trengo 馃檪

    1. You can use your own domain, for example Gsuite. Check out our Help Center article to learn how to do it https://help.trengo.com/en/articles/2017-mails-versturen-vanuit-een-eigen-domein
    2. Adding an email signature is one of our standard features. You can add your name, company information and even a gifje 馃槑 See this article to find out more: https://help.trengo.com/en/articles/5212-setting-up-an-email-signature
      • Eric van Wenkop
      • Owner at Kabeldirect.nl 馃攲
      • Eric_van_Wenkop
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Aga Wenska 

      1. We are using it for mail, but it doesn't work for website chat when the customer is offline
      2. Same as point 1. Works for mail but not for website chat.
      • Aga Wenska
      • Product Specialist
      • Aga_Wenska
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Eric van Wenkop For offline chatters the options are limited at this moment as it doesn't have our focus (yet). I will keep an eye on your idea and will give you an update as soon as I have any news!

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