Voice channel: schedule (national) holidays with custom voicemail message per phonenumber

I would like to be able to schedule days on which our phone must go to voicemail. Main use will be to schedule national holidays and automatically have the phone play a custom voice message on these days. 

We use phone numbers in multiple countries so we would like to be able to create multiple holiday schedules and per phone number choose which schedule is active for the number.

Proposed solution:

  1. Create a new admin settings menu called something like 'Scheduled holidays (voice)'
  2. Here we can create 'schedule holiday' profiles. Each profile can have a list of days or date ranges on which the phone is closed.
  3. Per profile we would like to add a custom voice message which plays for example 'Welcome to ... , because today is a national holiday we are closed. Leave your message.' 
  4. Then, per voice channel we would like to choose which profile applies to the channel.
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  • Thanks for sharing this feature of having holiday Auto Replies, especially for Voice. 

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