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Trengo keeps every contact you ever have had a conversation with, which is great. It would be even better if the people that work in you organisation show up first when you type in a name. Or the emailadress that you have the most contact with comes up first. Either way, we send a lot of email to the wrong adresses right now. 

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  • Thanks for your suggestion! Sounds like a good improvement of the e-mail feature. I'll keep you posted if this feature gets processed! 

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  • Giovanni van Baal your suggestion of marking a contact as a favourite would also be a solution for Iris' situation. Therefore, I will close your topic. If you could like and follow this post, I'll make sure to keep you updated here. 

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  • Ronald Buijs I feel you had a similar post to this one, could you please like this post so we can easily measure the need for this feature? I will keep you updated in here. 

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  • Hi... is there any progress on bringing up 'most used' email contacts first when you start typing them in? Its a real problem when I have hundreds of new contacts created every day. You have to write out a lot of the persons name to get the right one even if its someone you email 20 times a day. Thanks

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      • Charlotte Beenen
      • Product Support Specialist
      • charlotte_trengo
      • 1 yr ago
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      Tim B At this moment we have no news, but thanks for explaining the potential value it could bring to your organization. I will make sure to keep you updated. 

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  • Not exactly the same, but related, and adding after a conversation with Jurre: would love to be able to bulk delete contacts. We have e.g. trello board sending us tickets and they come from kevin35456468(mumbojumbo). So each time we now want to mail kevin, we get a s*load of these unusable adresses to scroll through first, or we have to type in kevin's email anyway in the 'to' box. 

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      • Tim B
      • Tim_B
      • 1 yr ago
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      That would be handy too.... I have the same problem with trello boards and newsletters.

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