The chatbot message that asks a visitor for their e-mailadres is count as an anwer

On our website, as soon as the user starts the chat, they will get a message with something like 'If it takes too long for us to answer, you can leave your e-mailadres below and you can leave the website'. 

The users message gets in our inbox as a new message. Then I assign the message to someone or myself. If that user now goes into his inbox and click the 'assigne to me' menu item, this chat is not showing up in the 'unanswered' tab. It is showing in the 'all' tab, but obviously this should also be in the unanswered tab, because it has not really been answered.

Only the chat asked for his e-mailadres, but that's not an answer. So, the message asking the user to leave his mailadres is count as an answer. This makes it hard for users to see which tickets have been answered and which not, especially when you have like 30+ ticket assigned to you. 

Not sure if this is a bug or idea. Let me know if I need to move it somewhere else.

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  • Hi Marce, I understand what you are trying to say. I will check whether this is possible with my colleague and let you now as soon as I know more! 

      • Marcel
      • Marcel
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      Tamara Berner Hi, do you know more yet?

  • At this moment auto replies & chatbot & Flowbot replies are no longer seen as "answers" in Trengo. 

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