Show Facebook private messages with same person as a conversation

If someone answers your private message (Facebook) it is shown as a new conversation and you have to link and merge the messages. 

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  • With every messaging channel, after you close a conversation, a new message will be seen as a new conversation. 

    Trengo has been developed this way since someone might have multiple contact moments with you on this channel (like start a new conversation after a few weeks, about a completely different subject). This helps to easily maintain te overview for labeling or categorizing these conversations. 

    The entire conversation history is always shown within the contact information. 

    • Tamara Berner Good point. I noticed that when a customer contacts us through Facebook the conversation is more chat-like. So every time the customer responds, we have to connect and merge the conversation, which is a little bit annoying. 

      • Tamara Berner
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      • Tamara_Berner
      • 1 yr ago
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      Anne vd Kerkhof Thanks for the add-on and noted! It might be idea to  make the "reopen closed conversations" optional for messaging channels maybe. I'll keep track of the interest in this feature and keep you up to date if there are any updates. 

  • The feature of reopening Facebook and other messaging conversations instead of creating new conversations. If there's any news upon this feature or it's planning, I'll keep you up to date. 

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  • Eric van Wenkop As this feature of reopening conversations in stead of creating new ones works similar on all messaging channel, I will be merging your request for the same feature for the WhatsApp channel with this topic. I'll keep all of you up to date here as soon as there's any news. 

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  • I actually think, that making all chat conversations into one long thread, would be best. This is how all chat applications work. I click the close button, everytime I have answered a customer, so it doesn't make a mess in my inbox.

    Ideally, when you click close - all above this time, will maybe be greyed out, or be seperated by a line, so you can see, that it is a new moment of contact, or a new subject, when the customer replies.

    In our case, we have the facebook messenger open for customers, who ordered something on our webshop. They often write their order number in the first message. When I answer the question, I mostly close the ticket. When the customer writes me back 3 days after, I can't remember what this was about. So I have to go and find the old message, or go to to find the chat, and all the info. Depends on the mood I'm in ;)

    So to keep all chat conversations into the same ticket, would be preferable. Or make it an option in the settings tab?

    "Keep complete chat history from the same contact, in one chat?"

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  • Thanks for sharing, we are currently researching this request and the possibility to make this feature optional, so you can choose whether you want it all in one thread or in separate conversations. I will keep you up to date if there's any updates about this. 

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