A simple (I hope!) UI adjustment to better facilitate "at-a-glance" unreplied tickets

Hey all. Loving Trengo on the whole, still working around quirks but if development continues as it has we will be here for the long term. Good job deisgners and devs.

One quick UI change I would like to see is better contrast for important information, and more granular counts on what tickets are awaiting our reply.

For example, see the below image for an example of one small change which could be helpful.




We are a small business and everything is run by the owners so we're not manning Trengo all the time. At-a-glance info is great for knowing when we really need to get on with replying to tickets rather than running other aspects of the business.

It's not that useful to know I have 20 conversations on the go, but it is useful to know I have 3 conversations awaiting reply. In the above example, the red circle "3" shows that 3 of 20 conversations are awaiting my response. This means that I know quickly that if I have customers to reply to.

On the whole while I like the Trengo UI it really lacks a lot of contrast, and important information could certainly do with being highlighted more, perhaps like the example I have given.

I hope I have given enough information for my idea, but if you need any more specific feedback please let me know.

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