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It would be great to have buttons in de WhatsApp Flowbot, this will improve our customer's experience. 

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  • Thanks for sharing Bram! At this moment this feature is not yet (widely) released for the official Whatsapp Business solution. As soon as it is, we will look into it's possibilities. 

  • Harmen I noticed that had posted a similar request regarding buttons in WhatsApp Business. Please follow and like this one. I will keep you posted in this topic!

  • As an addition to the above feature, ideally this feature could allow automatic (delayed) replies. E.g. KLM uses this feature for their customer support (I've added a screenshot of the KLM support using the WhatsApp buttons to automatically provide a delayed answer to the customer.


    1. Customer asks question
    2. Support is delayed 24+ hours, WhatsApp business session expires
    3. Support replies to question with expired session (reply should be stored by Trengo)
    4. Button-template message is automatically send to client (e.g. "click button below to receive our answer")
    5. Trengo automatically sends the stored/delayed reply message that was given by the support employee as soon as the quick-reply button has been clicked by the customer.


    Have a look at the timestamps in "yes please" response and the following answer 

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      Harmen Thanks for sharing! At Trengo, we love to automate 😍With Rules you can automate different tasks. For instance in your case, you would set up an automatic reply with a delay of your choice, on the channel of your choice. Please see our Help Center article to find out more.
      Responding to a customer after 24 hours it is possible with Templates

  • Harmen Thanks for sharing! Be aware that KLM has made some special agreements with Whatsapp in which they often get access to features sooner than other partners of Whatsapp. Many of these are still in the "pilot fase" which means thay can or cannot be implemented for all Wahtsapp's customers. 

  • Robin Chan Hi Robin! I saw you recently left a similar post concerning this topic! We are happy to announce that buttons for the WhatsApp Flowbot have been launched :) You can read a bit more about how to set it up in our Help Center! Find the link HERE

    • Charlotte Beenen Oops I meant buttons on WhatsApp template messages!

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