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It would be great if I could create some management reports. 

We use Trengo for our support team who are doing a great job helping our clients. I used to be part of the team but since two years I fired myself from this position so I could free up my time working on other parts of the business. I'm the founder of our company and when something new starts I'm working in it for a few months too, but after a while I make room for others so I can work on new stuff.

Now I was wondering how many tickets we get each month, and how fast the support team is answering the questions to see how everything is going. The only way I can do that now is to make myself part of the team again. If I do that I get notified of alle the support tickets and I can read everything. But I don't want to be bothered with those things, there is a reason why I fired myself from the support team. When I'm able to read those mails I want to do something about it personally because I care to much about my customers, so it's good business to have some personal filtering in the form of a great team ;-)

So what would be really awesome is that I can create management report about every channel I want, even channels that I'm not a part of. I just want to see the numbers not the specifics. I want to know how many new tickets we get each month so I know if the team is flooded with work or not. And if I have to expand the team or maybe outsource some support tasks.

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  • Eduard Thank you for your feedback. Did you already take a look at our reporting tool? I'm sure you can find a lot of relevant data there :) You can read more about reports here.

      • Eduard
      • Eduard_Wustenveld
      • 11 mths ago
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      Daniela Backman Yes, I have seen the reporting tool. The only downside to that tool is that you have to be part of the team that is working with that certain channel. I don't want to see the content of the channel, I just want to know some management information without being able to read all the incoming support tickets.

      • Daniela Backman
      • Customer Success Manager
      • Daniela_trengo
      • 11 mths ago
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      Eduard Thank you for the clarification. That indeed is a very good point! For now, it is how it should work but we will monitor this post and see the demand for this feature request.

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