Fixing Phone Number Formatting So Profiles Work

Agent user experience would radically improve if slight differences in phone numbers weren't considered entirely different records. 

These identical phone numbers are all treated as different records and so they aren't automatically linked to a user profile:



+1 330-867-5309


At a practical level, what happens is someone texts us back after two weeks with a "hey, can you give me an update?" and we have no idea who they are and have to spend 15 minutes searching Trengo and our personal calendars to figure out who the customer even is.

This is a huge waste of agent time and makes the promise of a unified customer profile illusory. 

Please incorporate some phone number normalization logic so that regardless of how the phone number first entered into Trengo it is always formatted the same way. 

Agents are copying and pasting from calendars into the call widget, end users are entering numbers into forms and live chats, numbers are being ingested from inbound calls and text messages, and numbers are being pushed over by web hook. 

Take +1-330-867-5309, +1(330)-867-5309, +1 330-867-5309, and store it as +13308675309, that future calls are always attached automatically to the correct profile. 

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  • Hi Mark Avo thank you for your feedback. We will certainly take it under consideration and let you know if/when we make changes to this.

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