Having the choice to send the CSAT when snoozing tickets

Now a reminder is considered a closed ticket = resolved. When we reminder a ticket, the ticket is not yet resolved. That is why a CSAT does not have to be sent yet. We'd like to see this as optional by setting the rule of the CSAT: do not send when reminder is on (or something like that).

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  • Hi Paul Bergsma , thank you for sharing your idea about our CSAT tool! I have added the CSAT tag so you can easily find and categorise posts on this specific tool :) 

    We currently do not have a specific setting which can exclude the reminders from the CSAT survey but perhaps you could use the following workaround for now:

    1. Add a new label to your Trengo account (for example: 'Not send CSAT')
    2. Add this label as a condition to your CSAT rule in this way -> Ticket label / does not contain / 'Not send CSAT'
    3. Before putting a reminder on a ticket, you add the label 'Not send CSAT' to that ticket

    This way you will prevent tickets with that label from triggering the CSAT rule and receiving a CSAT survey. Reach out to us via team@trengo.com in case you have any further questions or need advice!

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