Average numbers: First Response time/Close ticket time

It would be amazing if the Statistics tool would provide some more in-depth reporting features. Now it is too time-consuming to calculate AVG First Response time or Time of tickets closed. Getting a clear insight into the Average numbers would be a great addition to the software. This can be done on multiple levels:

1. Company level. You can look at the average time it took to close a ticket for everyone within your company over any given period of time. 

2. Employee/Team level. You can look at the average time it took a certain team/employee to close a ticket or respond. 

    - Here you can also measure the effectiveness of multiple employees. Maybe even let multiple diagrams run next to each other to see the difference between them? 

I really love the software, but I believe that adding some functionalities to the Statistics part would be a huge upgrade!

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  • Thanks for the add-on! I know we are planning to improve our Statistics in the near future, I have added your request to the list of statistics requests and will make sure to keep you updated on this! 

  • With the new reporting dashboard a lot has improved on average first response time and closing time. More info on these features can be found in our Help Center: https://help.trengo.com/en/articles/116050-resolutions-report

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