Closing a ticket, cannot find it in statistics


Today I was closing about 40'ish tickets in 30-50 minutes. However, when I'm looking at the stats I can't see them when I choose 'closed tickets' and select myself as an agent. It only says I've closed 7 tickets.

I was wondering, many of those tickets are from another day. So not necessarily today. Are those not included? How does it count the number of closed tickets in statistics?

It would be great if someone can clarify this. I was wondering this for a long time now, but for the first time, I have a good example now.


Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi Lars, 

    Thank you for you question. At this moment our statistics register conversations on their registration date, so if you are looking for this conversation, it can be found if you have the time period including the creation date. 

  • Thanks for sharing the information

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